Meaning of scrumptiously in English:




See scrumptious

‘I had the same thought with the little tidbit of scrumptiously seasoned pigeon breast.’
  • ‘The craic was mighty and the eats plentiful, varied and delicious, scrumptiously washed down by copious draughts to suit all tastes.’
  • ‘I think scrumptiously yummy chef Nigella Lawson is a far better role model to the young than our Nic, God love her.’
  • ‘Oh, dear, fed most scrumptiously on the most beautiful prime ribs of beef you've ever cast eyes upon.’
  • ‘The witch's house was a tour-de-force, scrumptiously edible and incorporating the frozen figures of her earlier victims.’
  • ‘But for what one order of Kobe beef costs, you can get six orders of the scrumptiously briny toro tartare with caviar.’
  • ‘This was in fact a sort of Bramwell tart and nothing like plum pudding but it was a scrumptiously perfect balance of pastry and jam.’
  • ‘Sarah lifted a slice and gingerly handed it to her, scrumptiously fragrant and piping hot.’