Meaning of scrunch in English:


Pronunciation /skrʌn(t)ʃ/

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[no object]
  • 1Make a loud crunching noise.

    • ‘crisp yellow leaves scrunched satisfyingly underfoot’
    1. 1.1with object and adverbial Crush or squeeze (something) into a compact mass.
      ‘Flora scrunched the handkerchief into a ball’
      • ‘The Platinum Pied Pipers have taken music and twisted and scrunched it into Triple P to produce a refreshing, multi-talented, many-layered masterpiece of modern music.’
      • ‘Jasmine scrunched her eyebrows together in an expression of perplexity.’
      • ‘The sleeves on her violet tee shirt were scrunched up past her elbows as she cooked and her hair was tied back in a ponytail.’
      • ‘Dr. B. loved it and would scrunch up his face in that way that made his moustache wiggle when I'd launch into the description of the annual Miss Antler contest.’
      • ‘Cautiously I pushed my thumb in even harder, doing that thing where you scrunch up your face as if that makes it so it won't splash me, only to discover that the blessed thing was hard-boiled!’
      • ‘She would scrunch up her shoulders and grin and almost convert entirely to bubbles at the very mention of the concept.’
      • ‘It took a truly evil grin to scrunch up my face muscles enough to keep the monocle in place.’
      • ‘Turn off the lights, close the curtains, cut a hole in a sheet, scrunch up your eyes and get to it.’
      • ‘One mention of it causes them to scrunch up their faces, stick their fingers in their ears and squeal ‘too much information’ in unmanly high voices.’
      • ‘Nonetheless, it made him scrunch up his face in terror.’
      • ‘I scrunch up my nose and wipe the silverware on my t-shirt.’
      • ‘I would read the paper too, trying to scrunch up my face like my fathers, as if that would help me better comprehend the stories.’
      • ‘She smirked as she saw him scrunch up his face in thought.’
      • ‘I stuck out my tongue and he pinched me, causing me to scrunch up my nose.’
      • ‘But don't take our word for this: seek advice from your lawyer before you scrunch up that demand and hurl it in the bin.’
      • ‘But we already knew one could scrunch up the sleeves of tees and cardigans.’
      • ‘She had just noticed him watching her like a hawk and she also knew it was pointless of her to scrunch up the paper and hide it in her palm for he had already seen it.’
      • ‘I flick my ear, as if to shoo away a worrisome fly, roll over, scrunch up the bedclothes, and resolve, this time, to fall bloody asleep.’
      crumple, crumple up, crunch, crunch up, crush, rumple, screw up, squash, squash up, twist, twist up, mash, mash up, squeeze, compress, chew, chew up
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    2. 1.2no object, with adverbial Become crushed or squeezed into a compact mass.
      ‘their faces scrunch up with concentration’
      • ‘He placed his hand on the nape of her neck and squeezed harshly, causing Mandy's face to scrunch up in pain.’
      • ‘Alex's face started to scrunch up at the yelling.’
      • ‘This makes their faces scrunch up in concentration.’
      • ‘It weighs only a few ounces and can scrunch up small.’
      • ‘Open mouth wide and let shoulders scrunch up toward the head.’
      • ‘He enjoyed watching her mouth curve as she formed words, or her eyes scrunch up when she smiled; all in all she was very attractive.’
      • ‘As she saw his eyebrows scrunch up, she looked down at her dress.’
      • ‘The little action caused her nose to scrunch up considerably before a soft smile took her lips and she went back to whatever dream she was in.’
      • ‘The raunch smell caused his nose to scrunch up in distaste as he looked at his pet wolf.’
      • ‘They may, for example, scrunch up where other leaves of the same species lie flat.’
    3. 1.3with object Style (hair) by squeezing or crushing it in the hands to give a tousled look.
      ‘then gently scrunch hair with fingers and mousse’
      • ‘mist with water and scrunch into shape’
      • ‘Then use a hair diffuser to blow-dry, scrunching it with your fingers.’
      • ‘Apply Ripple Effect, then scrunch hair to lock in curls and waves.’
      • ‘She tied the back of her shirt with the ponytail holder and scrunched her hair to wild perfection.’
      • ‘She returned into her room, took the towel off her head, and scrunched her hair, wringing her tresses of the water.’
      • ‘My hair was in a messy bun filled with gel and hair spray, a new technique I learned that helps your hair become more scrunched.’
      • ‘After hair is dry spritz texturizing spray evenly throughout layers, then scrunch to get separation and more body.’
      • ‘Hey Lena, do u think I should scrunch up my hair today, or blow dry it straight?’


in singular
  • A loud crunching noise.

    ‘Charlotte heard the scrunch of boots on gravel’
    • ‘With a pang and a ping and a scrunch not unlike the sensation you get when a tooth is pulled, the glass shattered the moment the tensioning springs were released.’
    • ‘It was a relief to swap the scrunch of tyres on track for the whisper of tyres on tarmac and the view towards Langdale End was the best of the day.’
    • ‘With her ear to the floor, Yelina could hear gravel whacking and rattling against the bottom of the vehicle, the scrunch of the tires.’
    • ‘He moves on to another chair - it responds the same way, with an adaptive scrunch, a return to form and a thrilling thwap.’
    • ‘Perfect powder snow makes a satisfying scrunch as I plod out to the children's area, an ungainly heel-toe process in the leaden moon boots binding my ankles.’
    • ‘A scrunch of a foot on dirt was the only alert Ben and Marle needed.’
    • ‘It falls generously, with a sumptuous metallic scrunch.’
    • ‘She was right on the edge of the temporary office and could feel tarry gravel scrunch under her feet as a line of stones followed one another off the end like hairless lemmings.’


Late 18th century (in the sense ‘eat or bite noisily’): probably imitative; compare with crunch.