Meaning of scrupulosity in English:


Pronunciation /skruːpjʊˈlɒsɪti/


See scrupulous

‘She says I'm suffering from a kind of extremism, an obsessive-compulsive disorder called scrupulosity.’
  • ‘But it did acquire, I think, very much during the Second World War, as I say, a reputation for scrupulosity and honesty, which it hasn't lost to this day.’
  • ‘The legal scrupulosity with which the Normans pursued wickedness could be turned against them.’
  • ‘At the apex of The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, there's a scene where Ransom Stoddard has a tortured burst of scrupulosity.’
  • ‘She rejected the prevailing model of salvation that too often produced scrupulosity and extreme forms of passion piety (often involving self-mutilation).’
  • ‘They favored the use of general absolution and found that the practice of private confession encouraged scrupulosity.’
  • ‘A web search reveals that religious OCD has a name: scrupulosity.’