Meaning of scrupulously in English:


Pronunciation /ˈskruːpjʊləsli/

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  • 1In a very careful and thorough way.

    ‘a scrupulously researched biography’
    • ‘scrupulously maintained images’
    • ‘Ritual had to be scrupulously observed—the lighting, the arrangement of the speakers, the comfy chair.’
    • ‘He has a habit of leaving coins in his pants that the maid scrupulously preserves in a bleach cup.’
    • ‘His recognition that her novels scrupulously avoid retrospect captures something fundamental about her departure from 18th-century narrative.’
    • ‘For someone who crowed about the invaluable merits of free improvisation, he often appeared indomitable and scrupulously prepared.’
    • ‘His suffering is speckled with all the right detail, but the pain never feels authentic so much as scrupulously studied and perfectly replicated.’
    • ‘They should be read on their own terms, as a great work of literature as much as a scrupulously accurate work of history.’
    • ‘Even with the most scrupulously painstaking scientific observation, truth could be approximated only by aggregating manifold observations.’
    • ‘It is vital to emphasize that these probate inventories scrupulously recorded every item in an estate.’
    • ‘Sanctimonious and vain is how he materializes in this finely grained and scrupulously documented account.’
    • ‘The floors had been kept scrupulously clean, and the quantity of contemporary pottery recovered is tiny.’
    1. 1.1With great effort to avoid doing wrong.
      ‘the policies must be scrupulously observed’
      • ‘she is scrupulously fair to all students’
      • ‘The Dad I grew up with was a scrupulously honest man with a work ethic that now seems rare.’
      • ‘It is vital that our audiences can rely on coverage of events which is scrupulously impartial, fair, accurate, balanced, and independent.’
      • ‘With his wife, he had co-authored four scrupulously principled books on New England wilderness.’
      • ‘All are simply expected to execute orders scrupulously.’
      • ‘It is so important that he be treated scrupulously and tried fairly.’
      • ‘The polling seems to have been scrupulously conducted.’
      • ‘They have played scrupulously by the rules.’
      • ‘His rights not to incriminate himself and to be represented by counsel had been carefully, scrupulously honoured.’
      • ‘They asked political players to scrupulously respect the result of the ballot box in order to guarantee political stability, democracy, and development.’
      • ‘It was noted that in a scandal-ridden political era, he stayed scrupulously clean and honest.’