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  • 1An aqualung.

    ‘Try-dives are organised to give anyone interested a taste of breathing underwater using a scuba unit in a safe, controlled environment.’
    • ‘Shooters can fill the compressed air tank from either a standard scuba tank or from a high-pressure hand pump.’
    • ‘Breathing the very cold air from an open-circuit scuba system can chill the inner core of the body; after all, the lungs are a major area of blood supply.’
    • ‘Some are large, but many are little more than a boat, a few lines of oysters, a scuba tank, a shed, and a determined pearl farmer and his family.’
    • ‘It's not hard to make a normal scuba tank last for an hour very near the surface.’
    • ‘You fill it from a scuba tank, and then shoot dozens or even hundreds of shots before refilling with air.’
    • ‘My slowpoke trawler, the Sea Cow, was equipped with a portable scuba compressor.’
    • ‘This trick, a woman is locked in a cage, no scuba - no scuba gear, basically holding her breath.’
    1. 1.1mass noun Scuba diving.
      ‘I want to do some scuba’
      • ‘scuba gear’
      • ‘For my last dive in North Cyprus I abandoned scuba gear to snorkel in shallow water without disturbing the feeding green turtles.’
      • ‘Our art class prepares for the dive by making cardboard scuba gear.’
      • ‘We recommend Louise takes the option which includes scuba gear and oxygen rental, so she won't need to bring her own equipment.’
      • ‘When did they change the scuba rules to say that you have to be under-age and malnourished?’
      • ‘Ben Stiller is a neurotic risk analyser, Reuben Feffer, whose wife runs away with a hunk of a scuba instructor on their honeymoon.’
      • ‘Mark is a scuba instructor I know who lives on Grand Cayman Island in the Caribbean.’
      • ‘My scuba trips to the nearby islands of Angra dos Reis were cancelled daily.’
      • ‘To satisfy his thirst he joined a scuba club and proposed that the club find shipwrecks.’
      • ‘Much like after watching Open Water, you won't buy a Caribbean scuba trip anytime soon.’
      • ‘Several scuba certifying agencies offer training for divers, from beginners to experts.’



/ˈskuːbə/ /ˈskjuːbə/


1950s acronym from self-contained underwater breathing apparatus.