Meaning of sculpin in English:


Pronunciation /ˈskʌlpɪn/


  • A chiefly marine fish of the northern hemisphere, with a broad flattened head and spiny scales and fins.

    Cottidae and related families: many genera and numerous species, including the bullheads

    ‘In addition to whitefish, bull trout will feed on sculpins, darters or other trout and where applicable, salmon fry.’
    • ‘Many species eat the fry and smolts, including striped bass, American shad, sculpins and sea gulls.’
    • ‘Two such methods include coiling the body around the eggs (pricklebacks and gunnels) and covering the eggs with algae (temperate sculpins and wrasses).’
    • ‘Gobies are distinguished from sculpins of similar appearance by their fused pelvic fin, which is characteristic of the family Gobiidae.’
    • ‘Spawning in both species occurs during late autumn and winter, and patterns of seasonal occurrence are important factors in the life cycles of these sculpins.’
    • ‘Common Mergansers have come under fire for preying on salmon, but studies in British Columbia show that the most common prey item there for Common Mergansers is the sculpin.’
    • ‘For instance, the pygmy sculpin is known only from Coldwater Spring, part of the Coosa River system of northeast Alabama.’


Late 17th century perhaps from obsolete scorpene, via Latin from Greek skorpaina, denoting a kind of fish.