Meaning of sculpturesque in English:


Pronunciation /ˌskʌlptʃəˈrɛsk/


old-fashioned term for sculptural
‘Callan finds a host of possibilities for this ‘punching’ process, including tapping Mac Zedong into Elvis in a Warhol monograph, and making layered, sculpturesque objects that look like topographical maps.’
  • ‘The effect is that of a Rorschach test, not of Courbet's or Cezanne's sculpturesque textiles.’
  • ‘Despite its post-1920 date (ca. 1935 is the year suggested in the ‘Modern Starts’ publication), the sculpturesque appliance beautifully bridges the conceptual gap between specialty departments.’
  • ‘Other marketplace standards that made the ‘Workspheres’ cut include bewitching Apple computer products, such as a translucent, sculpturesque G4 Cube computer and a highly desirable, wafer-thin, oversized monitor.’
  • ‘Elsewhere, another such ‘baby,’ this one with four tentacles, lies on its back, wiggling his creepy appendages at an individual wearing a cloak and a bizarre sculpturesque mound atop his head.’
  • ‘This was followed by a another exceptional item ‘thillana’, which is a joyous dance with delicate foot movements and sculpturesque poses.’
  • ‘His dramatic compositions of bridge pilings, freeway foundations and steel frameworks are as calmly sculpturesque as a Greek Kouri yet still create a sense of unease.’
  • ‘Ritha Chatterjee once wrote that Damayanti had brought to Kathak ‘flowing lines and sculpturesque poses.’’
  • ‘One is a black and white, solid-looking sculpturesque head of an older man looking out from years of experience.’
  • ‘Lakshmi and Shanmuga display a succession of foot rhythms and sculpturesque poses, graceful movements of arms and body.’
  • ‘Sathya displays a succession of foot rhythms and sculpturesque poses with playful eyes, graceful movement of arms and body.’