Meaning of scunge in English:


Pronunciation /skʌn(d)ʒ/


  • 1Australian, New Zealand informal Dirt; scum.

    • ‘this glass has scunge on it’
    • ‘I clean the scunge out from under a fingernail and ignore the telephone ringing downstairs and so does Rene, she is tending to puppy and I am tending to Gempires, call back later.’
    • ‘I can tell what I've been up to by analyzing the patches of scunge that are sticking to various parts of me.’
    1. 1.1A disagreeable person.
    2. 1.2A person who is mean with money; a scrounger.


Early 19th century (originally Scots in the sense ‘scrounger’): of unknown origin; compare with the verb scrounge.