Meaning of scungies in English:


Pronunciation /ˈskʌn(d)ʒɪz/

plural noun

informal Australian
  • Swimming trunks or other sporting briefs.

    • ‘men execute the time-honoured beachside quick change from undies to scungies’
    • ‘These red scungies do something to a man.’
    • ‘In a deckchair, lolling in my scungies, my book kept the sun nicely out of my eyes.’
    • ‘Board-riders always wore "scungies" under their boardies.’
    • ‘People wondered where in Canberra you could buy scungies.’
    • ‘He's a true Aussie grommet right down to his skungies.’
    • ‘When I was a kid, the right style of a bloke could get away with wearing scungies to the shops to buy a hamburger.’
    • ‘The ultimate disgrace for a surfie was to be seen in his scungies.’
    • ‘They could have had their scungies on, for all we knew.’
    • ‘You don't necessarily want your business contacts to see you in your scungies down at the swimming baths or beach.’
    • ‘He made the division final and was also praised for surfing in scungies.’


1970s from scungy.