Meaning of scurvy grass in English:

scurvy grass


mass noun
  • A small European plant with fleshy tar-flavoured leaves, growing near the sea. It is rich in vitamin C and was formerly eaten, especially by sailors, to prevent scurvy.

    Genus Cochlearia, family Cruciferae: several species, in particular C. officinalis

    ‘He treated his scorbutic patients with a mixture of plant and vegetable juices made from water cress, brooklime, scurvy grass, all herbs rich in ascorbic acid.’
    • ‘A line of Alpine cress or maybe Pyrenean scurvy grass ran from an arched mine-level entrance.’
    • ‘It is a traditional sailor's specific against scurvy, and is one of the various plants called ‘scurvy grass’.’
    • ‘‘He said something about a mix between… quinine and scurvy grass,’ Mrs. McCaylan frowned as she tried to remember.’