Meaning of scutter in English:


Pronunciation /ˈskʌtə/


mainly British no object, with adverbial of direction
  • (especially of a small animal) move hurriedly with short steps.

    ‘a little dog scuttered up from the cabin’
    • ‘A traitorous spider scuttered along a branch sending Tale out of the bush and towards the porch.’
    • ‘Its not a reflection from the torch, its not an insect scuttering by and its not a particle of dust.’
    • ‘As soon as her body lay horizontally, spiders and insects and worms came scuttering forward, and began to eat her skin.’
    • ‘Sun blazed from the open canopy, wildlife scuttered along unseen.’
    • ‘There are plenty of squirrels scuttering around my neighbourhood at the moment.’
    • ‘‘Yeah, and it looks like it might rain…’ Louisa said, indicating the grey clouds scuttering across the sky.’
    • ‘He heaved himself up, scuttering to the end of the hallway, going up the stairs, and stopping in front of his English class.’
    • ‘Taking his gaze off of Dragon, he winked to Christen and smiled at her before scuttering off.’
    • ‘He had just passed the border of the town and was stepping onto the familiar grassy meadow when he heard the scuttering of feet around him.’
    • ‘I was sitting up in the Professor's study harmlessly emailing about the place when there was a tremendous outbreak of scuttering from downstairs.’
    • ‘But there it is again - there is the scuttering of a mouse in the kitchen.’
    be quick, hurry up, move quickly, go fast, hasten, make haste, speed, speed up, lose no time, press on, push on, run, dash, rush, hurtle, dart, race, fly, flash, shoot, streak, bolt, bound, blast, charge, chase, career, scurry, scramble, scamper, scuttle, sprint, gallop, go hell for leather, go like lightning


mainly British in singular
  • An act or sound of scuttering.

    • ‘there was no sound in the wood, no scutter of tiny beast’
    scamper, scampering noise, scurry, scurrying


Late 18th century perhaps an alteration of the verb scuttle.