Meaning of scutwork in English:


Pronunciation /ˈskʌtwəːk/


mass noun informal mainly US
  • Tedious, menial work.

    • ‘he didn't see household scutwork as his responsibility’
    • ‘Despite his self-professed ‘taste for pleasure,’ Morris was a dynamo of committee work, never flinching from long nights of tedious but necessary administrative scutwork in often atrocious conditions.’
    • ‘They carry a stack of registration forms around and sign people up, volunteer at Dem HQ for whatever scutwork needs doing, cut work or school on election day to drive people around, you know the routine.’
    • ‘Given that they opposed the war, it's hardly reasonable to suggest that they should be eager to have all the scutwork of humanitarian aid dumped on them.’
    • ‘Fourth, medical residents have been limited to 80-hour weeks so now they can't do all the scutwork themselves anymore.’


1970s of unknown origin; compare with scut.