Meaning of scuzzball in English:


Pronunciation /ˈskʌzbɔːl/

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(also scuzzbag)
informal mainly North American
  • A despicable or disgusting person.

    • ‘heroin turns people into amoral scuzzballs’
    • ‘the character injects a touch of scuzzball baroque’
    • ‘But God knows every time my coworker bends over near the front register, by the windows, there is always some dirty old scuzzbag staring.’
    • ‘Nobody acts this way, not even the slimiest scuzzball.’
    • ‘He's playing a cop who's supposed to be a loose cannon and something of a scuzzball.’
    • ‘I'm sure someone cancelled out my vote when I voted against this scuzzball.’
    • ‘It makes me so angry when we get a good program that helps people, and some scuzzball has to come in and try to rip money off for it.’
    • ‘We go on letting these disingenuous bleeding heart scuzzballs get away with it.’
    • ‘You scuzzballs steal $122 million out of your air ambulance system, bankrupting it.’
    • ‘It's pretty hard to sue media scuzzballs for slander.’
    • ‘ Todd is shooting his mouth off to two scuzzballs in a diner.’
    • ‘She saw video evidence of the scuzzbag cheating on her.’
    despicable people, despicable person, rabble, riff-raff, refuse, garbage, trash, vermin, good-for-nothing, good-for-nothings, undesirable, undesirables, the lowest of the low, the dregs of society