Meaning of sea cucumber in English:

sea cucumber


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  • An echinoderm that has a thick wormlike body with tentacles around the mouth. They typically have rows of tube feet along the body and breathe by means of a respiratory tree.

    Class Holothuroidea

    ‘One end of the sea cucumber is its mouth, recognizable by a fringe of tentacles.’
    • ‘The salted and cured viscera of the Selenka sea cucumber, considered a delicacy of Japanese cuisine, is very expensive and difficult to find in the United States.’
    • ‘First, the skin of the sea cucumber is removed to avoid its bitter taste.’
    • ‘Not an unusual order in Japan, where aficionados of raw and pickled sea cucumber (a plankton-feeding marine invertebrate that looks a little like a pickle) enjoy theirs with beer.’
    • ‘The sam sun cham pong is amped up with even more deluxe seafood, including crisp slices of glossy sea cucumber.’