Meaning of sea green in English:

sea green



  • Of a pale bluish green colour.

    ‘Beyond the limo's one-way windows, the season's first tropical storm, Allison, was blowing sea-green clouds and rain across a wide street lined with blighted-looking shops and slum dwellings.’
    • ‘This, for instance, is how Darius describes the foundation of the sea-green palace of Susa, across the border north-east of Basra.’
    • ‘A frillier dress, of sea-green, with a ribboned stomacher, and a raised chin make her air more confident.’
    • ‘Although they both had the same black-silk hair, sea-green eyes, and fair complexion, that was where the similarities came to a cliff-drop end.’
    • ‘Marietta kissed him, her sea-green eyes sparkling.’
    • ‘I followed more slowly, my hands in my pockets and my eyes faced downwards, ignoring the concern in my friend's sea-green eyes as she turned around to watch me.’
    • ‘The most I could manage was a glare, and I fixed him with my iciest, taking pleasure in the look of fear that flitted momentarily through his sea-green eyes.’
    • ‘As he moved, his sea-green scales hissed against each other, armor plates the size of dinner dishes protecting the soft flesh of his gargantuan body.’
    • ‘As they recited their vows, their eyes never left one another's; Michael's deep brown to Marietta's sea-green.’
    • ‘Imagine a sharply angled building with walls of sea-green glass.’
    • ‘The man had brown hair with one long string of gray, with flashing sea-green eyes and an air of command about him.’
    • ‘Yes, all is not just illusion, but theatrical illusion, on this cool sea-green isle.’
    greenish, viridescent