Meaning of sea hare in English:

sea hare


  • A large sea slug which has a minute internal shell and lateral extensions to the foot. Most species can swim, and many secrete distasteful chemicals to deter predators.

    Aplysia and other genera, order Anaspidea, class Gastropoda

    • ‘Less mobile residents include several species of nudibranchs and sea hares, which are numerous in the early spring.’
    • ‘We found ten different species of nudibranch, as well as sea spiders, edible crabs, swimming crabs and sea hares.’
    • ‘In March the beds are also covered in red, white and yellow ribbons - the spawn from thousands of sea lemons and sea hares that make an annual excursion to this area.’
    • ‘If you look carefully, there is a good chance of spotting nudibranchs and sea hares.’
    • ‘The drama can be witnessed when the sea hares are breeding, and large congregations of this common slug attract the handsome predators.’