Meaning of sea legs in English:

sea legs


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plural noun

one's sea legs
  • A person's ability to keep their balance and not feel seasick when on board a moving ship.

    ‘now I've found my sea legs I'll be much more useful’
    • ‘For the uninitiated, this book is the closest thing to getting one's sea legs without ever having to leave shore.’
    • ‘She had had her sea legs for too long now to be getting seasick.’
    • ‘The three stepped ashore on Trinidad, and tried to adjust their sea legs.’
    • ‘Styles stood there with his sea legs planted firmly to adjust to the larboard list.’
    • ‘A soldier's life is much spent on his country's vessels, but I never managed to acquire my sea legs.’
    • ‘I've got some captain things that need looking to, so you and your friends are welcome to walk about and find your sea legs.’
    • ‘Don't worry, you will get your sea legs soon enough.’
    • ‘During the first three weeks she struggled, stumbling, tripping, and vomiting, due to seasickness and the fact that it took her that long to get her sea legs.’
    • ‘I apologize, to be honest I am still finding difficulties gaining my sea legs.’
    • ‘Besides, he decided, it was time to try out his sea legs again.’
    • ‘The earth seemed to sway beneath her legs for a moment, but she quickly traded sea legs for land legs, regaining steadiness.’
    • ‘After a minute or two of deep breathing, he got his sea legs back.’
    • ‘Most of my evenings were spent lying on the small white cot in the corner, writhing around on the bed, trying to regain my sea legs.’
    • ‘The first part of the journey passed in a succession of wet, windy days, but I quickly found my sea legs and never actually missed a meal.’
    • ‘Adam clung for a moment to the saddle leathers while he got what his father would have called his sea legs.’
    • ‘It took a few days for her sea legs to come, and once they did she quickly learned how to help sail the ship.’