Meaning of sea trout in English:

sea trout

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  • 1British A European brown trout of a salmon-like migratory race.

    Also called salmon trout

    Salmo trutta trutta, family Salmonidae

    ‘Forget stockies or naturally reproducing brown trout, saltwater sea trout are a race apart.’
    • ‘In the past the name game fishing was given to describe the taking of trout, sea trout and salmon by fly fishing.’
    • ‘On the Moy Estuary very high tides restricted sea trout fishing at the end of the week.’
    • ‘The findings follow a two-year study in the western Highlands where wild sea trout share coastal waters with penned salmon.’
    • ‘Conditions were perfect and I was able to get afloat every day catching sea trout and lady fish.’
  • 2North American with modifier A marine fish of the drum family occurring in the western Atlantic.

    Genus Cynoscion, family Sciaenidae: several species, including the weakfish

    ‘But environmentalists claim pollution from cod farms could endanger already depleted Atlantic salmon and sea trout populations.’
    • ‘Boats come in about 9 A.M. and sell fresh red snapper, sea trout, sculpin, and mackerel.’
    • ‘Fish of this size have been caught by anglers targeting the chub and also by anglers fishing for the sea trout.’
    • ‘White shrimp, blue crabs, sea trout and other fish require brackish water to reproduce, and the mouth of the Rio Grande was one of the few places they could find it.’