Meaning of sealed orders in English:

sealed orders

plural noun

  • Orders for procedure which are not to be opened before a specified time.

    ‘we were sent to the landing strip to set up a listening post on a wavelength contained in sealed orders’
    • ‘When that was done, further sealed orders were to be opened, which would instruct him to cruise in the South Pacific Ocean.’
    • ‘The khan ordered two nobles to take one hundred warriors to the site and to then open his sealed orders.’
    • ‘Before the war began all merchant ships on the high seas had been given sealed orders about what to do in case of hostilities.’
    • ‘‘Ladies and gentleman,’ he said as they took their seats around the long table, ‘as some of you might know, we've been operating under sealed orders.’’
    • ‘Claudius sends Hamlet to England with sealed orders that he should be killed on arrival.’