Meaning of search party in English:

search party


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  • A group of people organized to look for someone or something that is lost.

    ‘Erik's father had organized a search party, and was out still with the group.’
    • ‘The material put up around the walls will keep you amused long enough for other patrons to consider organising a search party.’
    • ‘A search party is organised to locate her and she is eventually found and brought home.’
    • ‘So when this happened, she didn't expect to have 200 people show up at the Carriage Club retirement village to be part of a search party.’
    • ‘A search party soon set off in the gathering dusk.’
    • ‘She said they dispatched a search party of four canoes.’
    • ‘If I'm not back tomorrow send out the search party.’
    • ‘A military search party found her body on the trail around midnight.’
    • ‘A police search party found them still in the tree 22 hours later.’
    • ‘My family wouldn't even have called out a search party yet.’
    • ‘A heated debate ensues and a search party is dispatched.’
    • ‘Do lost people have to pay for the expense of their search party?’
    • ‘A search party found his body, and that of the doctor, floating in the shallow waters of nearby Lake Starnberg.’
    • ‘While search was in progress terrorists opened fire when they found themselves trapped by the search party.’
    • ‘A parental search party found us shivering and cowering in the scrub and marched us back to civilisation.’
    • ‘He was with a search party of Currane people on Sept 13 when some human bones and clothes were found.’
    • ‘A search party of 200 local people and mountain rescuers continued to hunt for the child into this morning.’
    • ‘The man, believed to be 35, was found alive but unconscious by a search party early yesterday morning.’
    • ‘All teams returned safely and a search party was not required to find the girls team who played a good game of golf.’
    • ‘We don't yet have all the answers, but 50,000 Europeans have now joined the search party.’