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Pronunciation /ˈsiːsʌɪd/

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usually the seaside
  • A place by the sea, especially a beach area or holiday resort.

    ‘a day at the seaside’
    • ‘a seaside town’
    • ‘seaside amusements’
    • ‘Located in a prime area close to the seaside town it is has a preservation order on it by Dúchas.’
    • ‘Slightly out of the centre of town is the smart seaside resort area of Camps Bay.’
    • ‘His remains were found in April eight miles away in a ravine close to the seaside town of Théoule sur Mer.’
    • ‘Glasgow children from the slums enjoying a fortnight's holiday at the seaside.’
    • ‘This in part also relates to the quaint antiquation of the seaside area where Gayfield is situated.’
    • ‘In the best of British traditions, I found myself in the seaside resort of Newquay.’
    • ‘In Scotland, the seaside towns tarted up their piers and decked out their main streets good and gaudy.’
    • ‘In the few towns and along the seaside, the languages heard were Russian or Georgian.’
    • ‘Do the Croats have more chance of having holidays and going to the seaside than the Serbs?’
    • ‘The early Easter bank holiday wet weather failed to dampen the spirits of the seaside tourist trade.’
    • ‘It is one where for most people a holiday means a week in a caravan at the seaside or, at best, a package holiday abroad.’
    • ‘Her plans for the bank holiday weekend included a possible trip to the seaside.’
    • ‘Even more remarkable was the growth of the resorts as the habit of seaside holidays caught on.’
    • ‘They told me before they died that they were born by the seaside, on the far side of the Ox mountains.’
    • ‘Cooper always seems to bring a little bit of the seaside along with him.’
    • ‘The hard work of recent years paid off on the double when the seaside club took not one but two titles on the day.’
    • ‘It is everything you envisage the seaside to be when you are growing up.’
    • ‘And talking of holidays, it's time I signed off and set off for a week at the seaside.’
    • ‘Parents should be able to take the family to the seaside without worrying about potential health risks.’
    • ‘Foreign tourists may still be flocking to the seaside, but the future is pretty grim.’
    coast, shore, coastal region, seashore, seaboard, sea coast, waterside
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