Meaning of sebaceous cyst in English:

sebaceous cyst

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  • A swelling in the skin arising in a sebaceous gland, typically filled with yellowish sebum.

    Also called wen

    ‘The initial diagnosis was a sebaceous cyst, and excision under local anaesthetic was planned, but the large size of the mass and the finding of bony fixation raised doubts.’
    • ‘As the lesions enlarge, they may resemble a cellulitis, pyogenic furuncle, or an infected sebaceous cyst.’
    • ‘This 69 year old woman was referred for excision of an infected sebaceous cyst on her neck.’
    • ‘People with infections requiring prolonged antibiotics were now able to get treatment at home or in the office, at a time when it was not uncommon to admit patients for sebaceous cysts or simple lacerations.’
    • ‘When an old man asks about the lump on his neck, Alberto assures him that it is just a harmless sebaceous cyst.’