Meaning of secessionist in English:


Pronunciation /sɪˈsɛʃənɪst/

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  • A person who favours formal withdrawal from membership of a federation or body, especially a political state.

    ‘an ardent secessionist’
    • ‘To a certain extent, the position of Virginia secessionists was hardly new.’
    • ‘A deserter claimed he was the victim of "Norwegian secessionists."’
    • ‘I have been following keenly the developments in the treason trial of the secessionists.’
    • ‘The coming industrial glory, secessionists argued, would be quite compatible with the state's slave society.’
    • ‘Secessionists eagerly implicated the national tariff, which had redirected Southern profits to Northern manufactures.’
    • ‘It has been surmised that some of the so-called secessionists would continue to refer to the resolution to vindicate their demand for a plebiscite in the disputed state.’
    • ‘The government will continue peace talks with secessionists despite the passing Friday of a deadline for forging a peace deal.’
    • ‘They frequently knew the mercenaries fighting for the ultimately unsuccessful secessionists, and even talked to them by radio.’
    • ‘The army is still at war with secessionists in the oil-rich province.’
    • ‘Their claim is that they were never part of the country and are therefore neither separatists nor secessionists.’


  • Favouring formal withdrawal from membership of a federation or body, especially a political state.

    ‘the leader of a secessionist movement’
    • ‘They were abducted by the secessionist guerrilla group they went to interview.’
    • ‘The ruling party called the secessionist resolution a "retrograde step" and vowed to quash it when it is debated at the federal level.’
    • ‘It's certainly a big step forward, particularly as another secessionist group reached a political settlement with the government in 1996.’
    • ‘The government portrays the new laws on 'ordinary' autonomy as a large concession to all the resource-rich provinces which are showing secessionist symptoms.’
    • ‘He encouraged legal reform, promoted dialogue with secessionist leaders, and attempted to end discrimination against the ethnic minority.’
    • ‘The country's transition would descend from a matter of managing change to managing chaos, especially as secessionist regions become a breeding ground for anarchy.’
    • ‘The secessionist government boycotted the elections in order to bolster its claims for international recognition as a separate state.’
    • ‘They did this despite warnings from a number of quarters that the secessionist acts would provoke violent conflicts between ethnic groups.’
    • ‘Enforcing federal law against secessionist states precipitated war.’
    • ‘The abandoned copper mine in the mountains has been controlled by secessionist rebels since the late 1980s.’