Meaning of second-class citizen in English:

second-class citizen


  • A person belonging to a social or political group whose rights and opportunities are inferior to those of the dominant group in a society.

    ‘women had been denied the vote and been made into second-class citizens’
    • ‘the residents are being treated as second-class citizens’
    • ‘We were second-class citizens in our own country.’
    • ‘We're second-class citizens when it comes it political representation and participation.’
    • ‘The reigning legal view is that we're second-class citizens.’
    • ‘If there's no law that says that I'm a second-class citizen, then how do they justify their bigotry and their hatred?’
    • ‘Earlier that evening, in front of a full town meeting, the mayor publicly referred to Bill as a second-class citizen.’
    • ‘The ex-felon is at best a second-class citizen and at worst a non-citizen.’
    • ‘There are some male directors who are very open to listening to what women have to say on the set, but there are other sets where you are so aware of being a second-class citizen.’
    • ‘When I was there, I was just a second-class citizen.’
    • ‘If IT people are second-class citizens in your organization when it comes to training and retention, CEOs might want to rethink that.’
    • ‘Various protesting critics seem to view the less-wealthy as second-class citizens.’
    • ‘His relatives would have been considered second-class citizens.’
    • ‘This change would make many foreign students and visiting scientists into second-class citizens.’
    • ‘You don't want your franchisees to feel like second-class citizens.’
    • ‘We were made to feel like second-class citizens.’
    • ‘A group of women members said the club treated them like second-class citizens.’
    • ‘It's true that we're treated like second-class citizens, but we try not to behave as though we are.’
    • ‘How can anyone be proud to live in a province where the sick and the elderly living in our rural communities are treated like second-class citizens?’
    • ‘There should be no second-class citizens in this country where the law is concerned.’
    • ‘Cyclists are not second-class citizens.’
    • ‘Millions of workers would remain second-class citizens for many years.’