Meaning of second nature in English:

second nature



mass noun
  • A tendency or habit that has become characteristic or instinctive.

    ‘deceit was becoming second nature to her’
    • ‘These characteristics must become second nature for West Indies cricketers at all levels.’
    • ‘As in other favourite Asian destinations, such as Thailand and Bali, hospitality and good humour are second nature.’
    • ‘If you commit to healthy eating habits, they will soon become second nature.’
    • ‘I actually make lists of things she likes done and try to commit them to memory because none of it is second nature to me.’
    • ‘Although I'm sure it becomes second nature eventually, I found it over sensitive, making it awkward to aim.’
    • ‘This kind of sophisticated obfuscation comes as second nature to Republicans these days.’
    • ‘By then it seems second nature to be on two wheels again.’
    • ‘And despite making his living out of this for many years, Gary says it's still not second nature.’
    • ‘Teaching came as second nature to Mrs. Higgins: to her it was a vocation, not merely a profession.’
    • ‘The inescapable conclusion was that, by the time the better players graduated to senior level, it would all be second nature to them.’
    • ‘The written word, he said, was like second nature to man and it would always have some followers in some corner of the earth.’
    • ‘Until you get used to people's disabilities and you realise it's second nature to them, it can be difficult and you can feel awkward.’
    • ‘Make it second nature for someone who is overweight to blame the restaurant that served him fries.’
    • ‘Sleeping through a rugby match comes as second nature to me.’
    • ‘He loved the trout and salmon fishing which was second nature to him.’
    • ‘Director Yurek Bogayevicz has made three films in the U.S., so compromise is by now second nature.’
    • ‘Fast-paced music seems to be second nature to this new generation composer.’
    • ‘Being one step ahead is second nature to Richard Smith after starting secondary school at the age of 10.’
    • ‘Now she's studying him carefully, locking his face into her mind in an exercise which is already becoming second nature.’
    • ‘By introducing new more healthy ways of eating while her children are still young, she hopes it will become second nature to them.’