Meaning of second screen in English:

second screen


  • A mobile device used while watching television, especially to access supplementary content or applications.

    ‘football fans use second screens to check scores and engage with social media’
    • ‘the best second-screen experience out there’
    • ‘He made it clear that there were certain types of film in which second screens (like smartphones and tablet devices) would be more appropriate.’
    • ‘The next time you watch TV, consider butting out of the social experience. Power off your second screen.’
    • ‘New-media types will posit that second screens fueled by social media have made live events seem all the more urgent, and while that's true, I think something more primal is at work.’
    • ‘I typically use it as a second screen almost, just to quickly email on the run.’
    • ‘The telecast was likely also propelled by the second screen experience, which has steadily grown in recent years as a driver of ratings for major live TV events.’
    • ‘A lot of TV viewers love to incorporate a second screen into their entertainment mix, whether the device of choice is a smartphone, a tablet, or a laptop.’
    • ‘The Vice President of Content and Product Solutions moderated the event and was extremely enthusiastic about the future of second screen technology.’
    • ‘Second screen use is most popular among younger age groups - 88 percent of people aged 15-19 regularly use second screens, but there is also growing usage among older age groups.’
    • ‘He also echoed comments from other panelists and a network research head in the audience who said it is important not to punish viewers who don't watch a second screen.’
    • ‘Earlier this week, Nielsen released their annual sports media report which features detailed insights on ratings, demographics, second screen consumption, social conversation, top advertisers, year over year trends and much, much more.’


(also second-screen)
[no object]
  • Use a mobile device while watching television, especially to access supplementary content or applications.

    ‘many people are now second-screening to look at information about the show’
    • ‘second screening can play an important part in live TV events’
    • ‘Now we can second-screen and share our thoughts on Twitter while the show is on air.’
    • ‘Second screening for news is becoming commonplace, with users often using devices in tandem.’
    • ‘Around 80% of South Africans surveyed said that they second-screen while watching TV.’
    • ‘An impressive 85% of Internet users say that they have second-screened while watching television.’
    • ‘Football fans are not restricting themselves to only sports content while second-screening during a match.’
    • ‘Will you second-screen the next England game?’
    • ‘Second-screening is becoming the norm in households across the country.’
    • ‘Research shows more than 50% of Brits spend two hours per day second screening.’
    • ‘Personally, I usually second-screen when I'm bored with the show.’
    • ‘Mobile is very important for digital conversion, particularly around people second-screening while watching sport on TV.’