Meaning of second string in English:

second string

Pronunciation /ˌsɛkənd ˈstrɪŋ/


  • 1(in sport) the second-choice or reserve players.

    ‘he will play in goal for City's second string’
    • ‘second-string players’
    • ‘The coach was impressed, which I was happy about, and said I would be welcome on the second string for the next game.’
    • ‘Coaches often insert their second string when the game is in hand.’
    • ‘Do you know that in China they already have the second string players training for the 2008 Olympics?’
    • ‘Is it worth risking your best players when a second string could get a decent result?’
    • ‘The first and second string players wish to remain nameless!’
    • ‘A second string of players were fielded in fear of red cards, which would have affected the cup-final team.’
    • ‘Not only do they top their league with with six wins and a draw from eight games, but their second string top their Merit Table.’
    • ‘I decided the teams so that I had all the second string players and he had the entire first string players.’
    • ‘Indian sports looked healthy when the second string athletes collected 191 medals, including 101 gold, from the SAF Games in Islamabad.’
    • ‘That next game sees them come up against Keighley Shamrocks second string when they meet at Manningham Mills on Monday.’
    • ‘But leg injuries sent Holcomb back to second string, and the Browns, behind Couch, have gone 2-1 since.’
    • ‘So I think Maddy should try out for the first if not second string receiver.’
    • ‘Glaring at their opponents, Walker Bush took Houston's former position and decided to prove his worth as second string quarterback.’
    • ‘That hasn't been the case in Dallas, however, and that helps explain QB Drew Henson's promotion to second string.’
    • ‘Nobody cares what you say, Harmony, you'll always be second string.’
    • ‘I blew out my knee that season and figured I didn't want to spend the rest of my college life trying to rehab it and settle for second string.’
    • ‘In fact, your second string may be chomping at the bit to have their turn, which really maintains the team intensity level.’
    • ‘Now, I was lucky to get Bs on tests and to be placed on the second string.’
    • ‘It is up to the second string of superheroes to save him and stop Rush.’
    • ‘I'd been on the team since freshman year, but until last year I'd been second string.’
  • 2often in phrase a second string to one's bowAn alternative resource or course of action in case another one fails.

    ‘he had a second string to his bow in the form of songwriting’
    • ‘he was principally a batsman and bowling was the second string to his bow’
    • ‘Apparently he was particularly unhappy about the events of that night - of being second string in Kate's plans.’
    • ‘Taking a probiotic supplement is like bringing in a second string to protect us from the next competitors.’
    acting, replacement, deputy, relief, reserve, surrogate, fill-in, stand-in, temporary, caretaker, alternative, locum, standby, backup, stopgap, interim, provisional, pro tem, proxy, ancillary