Meaning of second wind in English:

second wind

Pronunciation /ˌsɛk(ə)nd ˈwɪnd/


in singular
  • 1A person's ability to breathe freely during exercise, after having been out of breath.

    ‘he seemed to falter halfway through the race before finding his second wind’
    • ‘After looking set to fade, Caradak got a second wind and ran on again for third, finishing a length adrift.’
    • ‘Cornish had a second wind in the final 10 minutes before the break when they added two more tries.’
    • ‘Suddenly, at the very point of disaster, when I have hit what mountain climbers and runners call ‘the wall,’ I get a second wind.’
    • ‘Colon gets a second wind and throws 98 mph in the late innings.’
    • ‘Thankfully I have caught a second wind and I hang with Alison and the guides for a couple of miles.’
    1. 1.1A new strength or energy to continue something that is an effort.
      ‘she gained a second wind during the campaign and turned the opinion polls around’
      • ‘At first Marx hoped that revolution in Europe would gain a second wind.’
      • ‘When I got the strength and my second wind, I packed up the jeep with some of the kids' toys and clothes.’
      • ‘His presence throughout the second half of the journey gave our team a much-needed second wind.’
      • ‘Has this given law enforcement a second wind, a boost?’
      • ‘This CD and DVD capture the triumphant second wind of a career that had hit the wall.’
      • ‘However, Drago somehow found a second wind and produced a magnificent break of 113 before levelling the match at 8-8.’
      • ‘Don't be surprised if it gives him a second wind.’
      • ‘Slowly I began to get a second wind so that by 5 o'clock I really felt as if I was doing some fairly decent writing again.’
      • ‘National (and the minor centre-right parties) have caught a second wind.’
      • ‘But still we hope for New Orleans to hold on and find a second wind and put itself together for a long and painful convalescence.’
      • ‘And then the second wind hits at about 8 and another sleepless night rolls around again.’
      • ‘I'm off to bed; I'm absolutely exhausted, though I seem to have found a second wind.’
      • ‘I'm off to work in the pub in half an hour and hopefully I'm going to find a second wind - either that or I'm going to fall asleep on my bike.’
      • ‘Professor Bunyip's recent break from blogging has given him a second wind.’
      • ‘I didn't get much writing done, but I had time to think and plan and get a good second wind to carry on with my novel.’
      • ‘We were shell-shocked at first but seemed to get a second wind.’
      • ‘Any time I even think about this being too tough, I look at her and I get a second wind.’
      • ‘A super-efficient action and recent operations have seen McGrath's career get a second wind.’
      • ‘And then you have to remember, that sometimes a person gets a second wind and pushes themselves to their limits and produce more.’