Meaning of secrecy in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsiːkrɪsi/

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mass noun
  • The action of keeping something secret or the state of being kept secret.

    ‘the bidding is conducted in secrecy’
    • ‘In an era of openness, honesty and transparency the official secrecy surrounding this case has been disturbing.’
    • ‘Supplying alcohol to the soldiers themselves requires the utmost operational secrecy.’
    • ‘Delegates at the 1787 Constitutional Convention maintained strict secrecy during the proceedings.’
    • ‘Government secrecy breeds corruption, abuse of power and, ultimately, tyranny.’
    • ‘Bank secrecy was born; even law enforcement on the track of thieves could not pierce it.’
    • ‘The process seems to have been finalised a few weeks ago and swaddled in the utmost secrecy.’
    • ‘The discussions were subject to strict secrecy and had the character of a conspiracy.’
    • ‘Tunisia already has 13 deportation detention centres, 11 of which operate in strictest secrecy.’
    • ‘Identification of the voter is simple and the secrecy of the ballot is preserved.’
    • ‘One of the most important principles of voting is the secrecy of the ballot.’
    • ‘We shook on it nonetheless, and promised each other to absolute secrecy.’
    • ‘Excessive secrecy cripples everyone's ability to act by hiding government mistakes and corruption.’
    • ‘Granted, government secrecy has meant that hard facts about U.S. interrogation techniques are scarce.’
    • ‘Later came the explanation that it was all a matter of official secrecy.’
    • ‘Complete secrecy - even when the public has a sharp interest - can be toxic.’
    • ‘A veil of secrecy has often shrouded the Oval Office.’
    • ‘Is the veil of Soviet secrecy still shrouding the country?’
    • ‘They took an oath to preserve the secrecy of everything to do with the election.’
    • ‘Can a government impose the secrecy that intelligence requires and still legitimately claim to be a democracy?’
    • ‘Despite the heavy secrecy imposed on this radical program, a storm of opposition will be hard to avoid.’
    confidentiality, classified nature, privateness
    clandestineness, furtiveness, surreptitiousness, secretiveness, stealth, stealthiness, covertness, cloak and dagger, mystery
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Late Middle English from secret, probably on the pattern of privacy.