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secret service


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  • 1A government department concerned with espionage.

    ‘I wonder if the Bulgarian secret services are spying on foreigners.’
    • ‘Several Allied secret services such as SOE were eager to assist in these tasks, sometimes with political objects in mind.’
    • ‘It is allowed to carry out surveillance like a secret service, and has the judicial powers of a regular police agency.’
    • ‘Belling's character then argued that the government needs a secret service that will tell the public who the enemy really is.’
    • ‘Word spread that the Iranian secret service, Savak, was combing the streets for him.’
    • ‘Some time later it became known that at the time of the attack he was an undercover agent for the secret service.’
    • ‘Then we also thought to introduce limitations for former officers and agents of secret services regarding their access to positions of power.’
    • ‘The new secret services assisted the government and parliament in preparing new legislation with which to govern themselves.’
    • ‘In a desperate act of revenge, assisted by the US secret services, the Spanish government is threatening to reopen the case.’
    • ‘But civil liberties campaigners are now worried that the Catcher may be sold to other governments or secret services.’
    • ‘The government and secret services don't appear to have learnt their lesson from that saga, but then are you surprised?’
    • ‘As a whole, last week Sofia seemed to be one of the favourite places for former secret services officers.’
    • ‘The most useful information a bank can have is that from the government or secret services, he argued.’
    • ‘In other words, the various secret service agencies and the government itself will be even less accountable.’
    • ‘His affidavit was made on behalf of the British Government and its secret service.’
    • ‘The CIA and the FBI have informed the Bulgarian secret services of their findings.’
    • ‘The secret services are currently split between departments, and live outside proper ministerial and parliamentary accountability.’
    • ‘In reality, the line dividing the organisations being spied upon and the secret service itself is barely detectable.’
    • ‘The woman, Cindy, was an agent of Mossad, the Israeli secret service, and her back-up team were lying in wait.’
    • ‘He also appoints the heads of the other secret services in the state - National Security Service and the National Guard Service.’
  • 2

    (also Secret Service)
    (in the US) a branch of the Department of Homeland Security responsible for providing protection to the president and investigating certain types of financial crime.