Meaning of sectary in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsɛktəri/

nounplural noun sectaries

  • A member of a religious or political sect.

    ‘It was, for them, unthinkable to have a national church with sectaries outside.’
    • ‘A comprehensive national Church embracing all but a small number of sectaries and papists would have been a very different matter from a restricted religious establishment, co-existing with large numbers of nonconformists.’
    • ‘During his army years Bunyan witnessed the struggle between Presbyterians, who wanted to reform the Church of England, and radical sectaries.’
    • ‘Rashid, whose own Islam is a civil and humane affair, is revolted by these tribal sectaries.’
    • ‘Popular and congregational singing appeared, especially among the flagellants, Hussites, and other sectaries.’
    follower, supporter, upholder, defender, advocate, disciple, votary, partisan, member, friend, stalwart


Mid 16th century from modern Latin sectarius ‘schismatic’, from medieval Latin sectarius ‘adherent’, from Latin secta (see sect).