Meaning of sectioned in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsɛkʃnd/


  • 1Made or divided into a separate sections.

    ‘the sleeping area of a sectioned tent’
    • ‘a sectioned off part of the garden’
    • ‘Under the island there's room for a rolling, sectioned hamper.’
    • ‘This sectioned tissue is usually viewed under an electron microscope to determine which cells within it are labelled.’
    • ‘Top with sliced strawberries, halved grapes, or sectioned oranges.’
    • ‘The piece is a rounded skull shape with tan, skin-like canvas stitched onto its sectioned metal armature.’
    • ‘Mix books and objects in sectioned shelves.’
    • ‘Pin the center back seam (or the remaining seam of the sectioned slipcover) and check the fit on the lampshade.’
    • ‘Curl each individual one-inch strand of sectioned hair.’
    • ‘The area is bathed in sunlight all day, but a sectioned retractable canopy allows all or part of the seating to be shaded should customers desire it.’
    • ‘I am reminded of the vast sectioned farmland of the Great Plains as seen from the window of an airplane.’
    • ‘The car's sectioned panels can be removed single-handed to assist with oil checks, a feature unique for this class of car.’
  • 2British Having been committed compulsorily to a psychiatric hospital in accordance with a section of a mental health act.

    ‘a sectioned patient has to gain permission before leaving’
    • ‘Ambulance control say they will not take him against his will unless he has been sectioned, and they want the police present.’
    • ‘He was sectioned for 28 days at the clinic in Essex.’
    • ‘I had read about and heard evidence of his increasingly strange behaviour as he lost his grip on reality in the months leading to his being sectioned.’
    • ‘Their mental condition is so bad that they should be sectioned and sent to secure psychiatric beds.’
    • ‘She has been sectioned twice, held in hospital for psychiatric care and prescribed antipsychotic medication.’
    • ‘I appreciate that this may be my last email before I'm sectioned.’
    • ‘It is unlikely that anyone will care whether you start screaming and crying, unless they decide to have you sectioned under the Mental Health Act.’
    • ‘A person can be sectioned and compulsorily taken to hospital if two doctors and an approved social worker agree that his or her health or safety is at risk.’
    • ‘A board member of one of the world's largest insurance firms has been sectioned after his two-year-old daughter was left fighting for her life with head injuries.’
    • ‘A businesswoman was sectioned by rivals intent on seizing her financial interests.’