Meaning of sectoral in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsɛktərəl/


  • Relating to a distinct part or area.

    ‘the task of integrating different sectoral interests’
    • ‘regional and sectoral planning’
    • ‘In the past, we have interpreted debt dynamics in the economy in terms of sectoral balances.’
    • ‘The computed values indicated in such indices are sensitive to sectoral distribution.’
    • ‘Different rules construct the possibility for different forms of sectoral comparative advantage.’
    • ‘The majority of leading global producers in 2002 were Western European, with manufacturers typically having a wide sectoral presence.’
    • ‘An overall measure of differences in industrial or sectoral structures appears by making up an index of divergence.’
    • ‘There are extreme divergences in sectoral performance that impart major structural distortions to the real economy.’
    • ‘The absence of these features means that it is impossible to identify separate sectoral processes with any clarity.’
    • ‘This would include redistribution of resources in response to perceived geographical and sectoral need.’
    • ‘Working across sectoral boundaries is difficult, owing to, among several reasons, powerful tobacco groups that oppose legislation on improving public health.’
    • ‘This underscores the need to develop and implement schedules of critical technologies of federal, regional, and sectoral importance.’