Meaning of secular humanism in English:

secular humanism


mass noun
  • Liberalism, with regard in particular to the belief that religion should not be taught or practised within a publicly funded education system.

    ‘Second, secular humanism promotes the belief that, while religion is to be respected, we are fast growing out of it.’
    • ‘This return of religion threatens secular humanism, the orthodoxy that has prevailed since the French Revolution.’
    • ‘Let us refuse secular religion and State because secular humanism is the tool of the devil in the world.’
    • ‘The parents accused the Holt series of teaching secular humanism and violating their religious beliefs.’
    • ‘To abdicate my will to anyone, even or especially God, is the ultimate heresy in the religion of secular humanism.’
    • ‘They are actually advancing the non-theistic religion of secular humanism.’
    • ‘It was a religious speech from a religion known as secular humanism, which she follows.’
    • ‘Do you mean expressions of liberal secular humanism?’
    • ‘Member Samantha Munn describes the core values at the heart of secular humanism as ‘respect, tolerance and logic.’’
    • ‘It also sees teachers and lecturers happy to teach a curriculum soaked in secular humanism.’
    • ‘After their devastating critique of secular humanism comes the cavalry - the absolutes of historic, biblical Christianity.’
    • ‘Not doing so only submits to the agenda driven propaganda of secular humanism, which effectively is a religion in itself.’
    • ‘But the increasing secular humanism in our culture seemed to be moving at a gallop pace.’
    • ‘It was an attack on, and misrepresentation of, secular humanism.’
    • ‘He is posing the ultimate challenge to secular humanism.’
    • ‘I denounce secular humanism and all other left-wing materialist ideologies.’
    • ‘It never occurred to those early exiles that they should rant about the ubiquity of secular humanism.’
    • ‘They are struggles over two world views: biblical Christianity vs. secular humanism.’
    • ‘Her quest for the big answer leads her to accept Confucianism and nonreligious Buddhism as well as secular humanism.’