Meaning of security guard in English:

security guard


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  • A person employed to protect a building against intruders or damage.

    ‘What we can see is a man who we'd seen earlier working as a security guard in a building below.’
    • ‘Then a security guard from a nearby building signaled to me that I was being stopped.’
    • ‘I wouldn't want to have been the security guard on Old Man watch that night.’
    • ‘As he was being escorted from the building there was a struggle and the security guard's gun was discharged.’
    • ‘A skinny mall Santa who may also be a security guard watches me watch him.’
    • ‘The security guard challenged him outside the building and the youngster gave himself up.’
    • ‘We left the building, exclaiming to the security guard that we never intended to come back.’
    • ‘Some builders have gone as far as to hire a security guard to watch the homes under construction during the night.’
    • ‘A security guard was today under armed guard in hospital after being shot in the thigh outside a nightclub.’
    • ‘He might have been a security guard in one of those giant office buildings, paid to watch a whole wall of monitors.’
    • ‘A night security guard later noticed the vehicle had been moved and assumed it had been done by staff during the day.’
    • ‘They burst into the bank and pointed the shotgun at the security guard.’
    • ‘The office security guard usually inspires affection rather than paranoia.’
    • ‘A security guard was exposed as the inside man because he claimed to have witnessed things he could not have seen.’
    • ‘Some reports said the bomber shot and killed a security guard at the entrance before rushing in to the restaurant.’
    • ‘As the security guard saw Anthony's car, he opened the gate and Anthony nodded to him.’
    • ‘When, inevitably, I did get stopped by a security guard, she just seemed a bit bored and fancied a chat.’
    • ‘When I was leaving I happened upon the security guard who comes on for the night shift.’
    • ‘You have to avoid the security guard when snapping your picture on the sidewalk.’
    • ‘What do you see as your job as a security guard in a high street sports shop?’
    sentry, sentinel, security guard, nightwatchman