Meaning of security of tenure in English:

security of tenure


  • 1The right of a tenant of property to occupy it after the lease expires (unless a court should order otherwise).

    • ‘It was thereby asserted that the tenant was entitled to security of tenure and a new lease pursuant to the Act.’
    • ‘Although we are now familiar with the notion that an assured shorthold tenancy gives the tenant a very limited security of tenure, that would not have been the case in 1988.'’
    • ‘You have security of tenure as an Assured Tenant so long as you occupy the Premises as your only or principal home.’
    • ‘As we have already indicated, one of the most important consequences of the distinction relates to the provisions for tenants' security of tenure under the Rent Acts, which do not apply to licensees.’
    • ‘A series of statutes, beginning in 1915, sought to address this problem, by controlling the rents which could be charged and affording security of tenure to tenants.’
    • ‘In the 1960s, security of tenure for residential tenants and control of rents were reimposed under the Rent Act 1965.’
    • ‘I think that this was to give security of tenure to business tenants so far as that was thought to be reasonably practicable.’
    • ‘They will give increased security of tenure for the tenants of agricultural holdings.’
    • ‘The orders can be sought from county courts to deprive tenants of their security of tenure and right to buy their council homes.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, these evictions of tenants violated the custom of Irish tenant-right, according to which the tenant had security of tenure and could buy and sell an occupancy as though it were his own property.’
  • 2Guaranteed permanent employment, especially as a teacher or lecturer, after a probationary period.

    ‘these public servants are given security of tenure by the constitution’