Meaning of sedentary in English:



  • 1(of a person) tending to spend much time seated; somewhat inactive.

    ‘we all walk a certain amount every day even if we are sedentary’
    • ‘Unfortunately, I am the most sedentary person there is.’
    • ‘If you are a sedentary person, that's a strike against you, because weight-bearing exercise increases the health of bones.’
    • ‘Moderately active fat people have far lower mortality rates than do thin sedentary people, and the same death rates as thin active people.’
    • ‘The Governor said walking was essential for sedentary people to keep the system in trim.’
    • ‘For a sedentary person, disease risk becomes significantly higher when BMI exceeds 27.’
    • ‘So sedentary people often gain weight gradually.’
    • ‘Thus, a well-trained athlete may have a more developed endogenous antioxidant system than a sedentary person.’
    • ‘Are you going to slip back and be the sedentary person everyone expects, or are you going to stick up for yourself?’
    • ‘Compared with more sedentary people, athletes display greater skin perfusion for the same increase in core temperature.’
    • ‘These results are in startling contrast with studies conducted with sedentary people.’
    • ‘Few people are so sedentary that they don't move around for at least one hour in the day.’
    • ‘If implemented widely, such a strategy could result in major health benefits for sedentary people.’
    • ‘This does not always mean that they are sedentary.’
    • ‘Along with larger portions of more fattening food, Americans have become increasingly sedentary over the last couple of decades.’
    • ‘Recent studies have also shown that children around the world are becoming increasingly sedentary, especially in poor urban areas.’
    • ‘If you're relatively sedentary, then you'll need less.’
    • ‘Holman said Aaron's lifestyle in general was relatively sedentary.’
    • ‘On your day off you don't need to be completely sedentary.’
    • ‘In addition, 78 percent of Americans do not meet basic activity level recommendations and 25 percent are completely sedentary.’
    • ‘Being a completely sedentary person myself, I'm very impressed by people who stay fit.’
    sitting, seated, desk-bound, desk, inactive, still, stationary
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    1. 1.1(of work or a way of life) characterized by much sitting and little physical exercise.
      ‘a sedentary lifestyle spells bad news for hips and thighs’
      • ‘He mentioned TV and computer activity, and that work is more sedentary.’
      • ‘But if you've also learned unhealthy eating habits and sedentary ways from your family, you'll need to change your lifestyle.’
      • ‘I was fat for about 10 years living in France and the US with mainly sedentary work and abundance of food to eat.’
      • ‘My body had begun to stiffen up after many years of sedentary work as a therapist.’
      • ‘Haemorrhoids are not caused by sitting on cold hard surfaces, prolonged standing or sedentary work.’
      • ‘Patients returned to sedentary work after 1 week and to strenuous work after 5 to 6 months.’
      • ‘Her project implicitly calls for a slower, more sedentary mode of existence.’
      • ‘Having arrived at the waterside, the angler goes into sedentary mode, where he exerts very little energy, and becomes easily cooled.’
      • ‘I find that he is capable of performing at least sedentary tasks up to five days a week for five to six hours each day.’
      • ‘Bad eating habits and sedentary lifestyle play a role in the onset of diabetes.’
      • ‘Approximately 55% report a sedentary lifestyle and 26% have no leisure-time physical activity.’
      • ‘A sedentary lifestyle without at least moderate physical activity is associated with an increased risk of colorectal cancer.’
      • ‘Twelve were allocated to aerobic and strength training, and six led more sedentary lifestyles.’
      • ‘But we burn off fewer of them because of our more sedentary lifestyles.’
      • ‘Society in general has also become increasingly sedentary.’
      • ‘We found no significant difference in physical activity or sedentary behaviour for the sample as a whole.’
      • ‘Sedentary behaviour was higher in overweight children in the intervention group.’
      • ‘In addition to increasing physical activity, decreasing sedentary activity is also important.’
      • ‘Meanwhile, heavy work in industry and agriculture has mostly been replaced by sedentary activities in service industries.’
      • ‘Other sedentary activities - playing video and computer games or talking on the phone - also should be limited.’
      sitting, seated, desk-bound, desk, inactive, still, stationary
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    2. 1.2(of a position) sitting; seated.
      ‘he spoke from a sedentary position’
      • ‘Similarly, Toronto festivalgoers can see the world every year without leaving a sedentary position.’
      • ‘The UK won 30 medals 19, of which were won from a sedentary position.’
      • ‘Then I notice that in this sedentary position, the whole ensemble rides up around my waist.’
      • ‘Normally, when one stood up from a sedentary position, one's mind would be unequal in circulatory oxygen than the rest of the body.’
      • ‘This time, Taras, only for a crisp moment, acted tentative in taking the sedentary position.’
      sitting, seated, desk-bound, desk, inactive, still, stationary
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    3. 1.3Zoology Anthropology Inhabiting the same locality throughout life; not migratory or nomadic.
      ‘a tribe of sedentary agriculturists’
      • ‘Falconids can be sedentary or migratory.’
      • ‘Some species of ovenbirds are migratory, others are sedentary.’
      • ‘The fish that were sedentary during the summer inhabited the deepest holes of the river.’
      • ‘Even a relatively sedentary species can be listed if a significant proportion of its number migrate.’
      • ‘The contrast with sedentary tribes could not, at first sight, be more marked.’
    4. 1.4Zoology (of an animal) sessile.
      • ‘Shake the crab harder, and you may dislodge tiny sea stars feeding on oysters and mussels, or sea urchins scavenging for seaweed and sedentary invertebrates.’
      • ‘Most studies of invertebrate larval metamorphosis have been performed with species that are sedentary or sessile as adults.’
      • ‘The walls and sea floor consist of stark boulders and rough seams of rock uncolonised by sedentary species.’
      • ‘At first it seemed that it was just a sedentary pest in residential plantings, where it could be controlled with dormant oil or insecticidal soap sprays.’
      • ‘Finally, this normally sedentary animal inflated a muscular cone at its base to lever itself free from its moorings and danced away in the water column.’


Late 16th century (in the sense ‘not migratory’): from French sédentaire or Latin sedentarius, from sedere ‘sit’.