Meaning of sedge warbler in English:

sedge warbler


  • A common migratory Eurasian songbird with streaky brown plumage, frequenting marshes and reed beds.

    Acrocephalus schoenobaenus, family Sylviidae

    ‘People on the one to two-hour guided walks may also hear warblers such as the blackcap, the garden warbler, the reed warbler, the sedge warbler and the chiffchaff.’
    • ‘There are birds in the garden that are rarely seen in London, such as the common sandpiper, sedge warbler and lesser whitethroat, with smew and goosander on the lake in winter.’
    • ‘Insect life is increasing rapidly, encouraging birds such as snipe, curlew, grasshopper warbler, sedge warbler, and whinchat.’
    • ‘Not only have sedge warblers been late in arrival recently, but even as the longest day approaches the numbers in parts of the upper Thurne have been below normal.’