Meaning of sedimentation coefficient in English:

sedimentation coefficient


(also sedimentation constant)
  • A quantity related to the size of a microscopic particle, equal to the terminal outward velocity of the particle when centrifuged in a fluid medium divided by the centrifugal force acting on it, expressed in units of time.

    ‘This limitation arises from the complex relationship between the shape of a particle and its sedimentation coefficient.’
    • ‘To this end, we defined a relationship between the sedimentation coefficient and amyloid fibril length by calculating the theoretical sedimentation coefficient of fibril bead models.’
    • ‘A popular and generally much more robust approach is the interpretation of the weight-average sedimentation coefficient as a function of loading concentration.’
    • ‘As with other sedimentation velocity techniques, however, it is limited by the absence of a direct relationship between sedimentation coefficient and fibril size.’
    • ‘The sedimentation coefficient is consistent with this oligomer and the overall molecular shape revealed by small angle x-ray scattering.’