Meaning of seductively in English:


Pronunciation /sɪˈdʌktɪvli/

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  • In a tempting and attractive manner; enticingly.

    ‘she smiled seductively at the guy and tossed her dark hair’
    • ‘a turquoise pool glitters seductively’
    • ‘They are painted on small, almost square, wooden panels with seductively smooth surfaces.’
    • ‘Set on the edge of an artificial lake, the building glistened seductively in the evening sun.’
    • ‘He makes profoundly political work which is seductively beautiful to look at.’
    • ‘Absolute power is a seductively powerful corrupter of even the noblest civil servants.’
    • ‘The film opens with a seductively funny scene.’
    • ‘They sang seductively to lure sailors and fishermen to their deaths.’
    • ‘She is standing seductively in a doorway in order to attract his attention.’
    • ‘This is a seductively bleak comedy performed entirely without words.’
    • ‘In 1931, he wrote a seductively sentimental autobiography.’
    • ‘With all this mighty fine summer weather, the beach beckons so much more seductively than a computer.’