Meaning of sedum in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsiːdəm/


  • A widely distributed fleshy-leaved plant with small star-shaped yellow, pink, or white flowers, grown as an ornamental.

    Genus Sedum, family Crassulaceae: many species, including the stonecrops

    ‘Lift and divide overcrowded clumps of perennials, including campanulas, daylilies, hostas, peonies, sedums, and Shasta daisies.’
    • ‘When new leaves appear, divide dumps of asters, bellflowers, chrysanthemums, daylilies, sedums, Shasta daisies, and yarrow.’
    • ‘They feature specimens from three unthirsty groups of plants - sedums, sempervivums, and yuccas - all of which display handsome foliage year-round, with a bonus of seasonal bloom.’
    • ‘As for rock plants themselves, there are thousands of perennials and small shrubs to choose from, including a host of dianthus, saxifrages, sedums, and sempervivums.’
    • ‘The strange flower is caused by a form of fasciation, a common condition that produces wide, flattened stems on a large range of plants including sedums, tomatoes and marguerites.’
    • ‘You could use one large plant in the cauldron or perhaps a group of smaller plants, including sedums, which would tumble over the sides.’
    • ‘It's not the intensely bright colour of summer lilies, irises, poppies and daylilies, but the deeper gem tones of ruby-rose sedums, amethyst ajuga and opalescent anemones.’
    • ‘Bergenias, sedums, persicaria and other low-growing plants link the two.’
    • ‘We have perennial wallflower, fuchsias, lobelia, dahlia and sedum still blooming - the sedum looking particularly good with deep reddish brown flowers and yellowing foliage.’
    • ‘She filled the removable saucer with garden soil and added her favorite succulent plants and trailing sedum.’
    • ‘Grasses, succulents, roadside wildflowers, and shallow-rooted sedums that grow on rocks are all recommended by landscape-architect Velazquez.’
    • ‘Strawberry pots overflow with sedums and sempervivums.’
    • ‘There are numerous sedums, and some are spreaders while others are upright perennials.’
    • ‘For even more color at ground level, try the smaller sedums.’
    • ‘Vegetable harvest coincides with bright autumn foliage, chrysanthemums, asters and sedum.’
    • ‘Its clusters of fluffy pink flowers echo those of the sedum and although it is small this year it will quickly grow into a rounded shrub a metre or so high with a similar spread.’
    • ‘In our garden Michaelmas daisies and sedum are at their best while annuals such as pot marigolds and nasturtium come a close second.’
    • ‘One section had survived well enough in the hot, waterless place - a display of sedums of the kind I've always known as house leeks.’
    • ‘The City of Portland has found that sedums, hardy, durable plants that are native to the region, work best.’
    • ‘Fill each one with a different succulent - such as tiny gray sedums, greenish red pork and beans, and gray hen and chicks.’


From modern Latin, denoting a houseleek.