Meaning of see off in English:

see off

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phrasal verb

  • 1see someone off, see off someoneAccompany a person who is leaving to their point of departure.

    ‘they came to the station to see him off’
    • ‘The Professor sees her off at the station early the next morning.’
    • ‘He went to the airport to personally receive me on arrival and also see me off on my departure.’
    • ‘Karina and I both thought of seeing Gillis off at the station since he was going home to Sydney that night.’
    • ‘I remember the last time I saw her, she was not too well but she insisted upon coming along to the bus station to see us off.’
    • ‘Her parents were too busy to see her off at the train station, although she was likely to be gone for years.’
    • ‘Judith's mother, Fran, had accompanied them to the airport to see them off.’
    • ‘I saw him off from a Tokyo station; he was very quiet and rather sad.’
    • ‘The morning of her departure arrived, and the entire town was there to see her off.’
    • ‘They gathered in the street outside, but it was too early for a flag-waving crowd to see them off.’
    • ‘Upon returning from a voyage, travelers are greeted with a garland of flowers placed around their necks; they are seen off the same way before departures.’
  • 2see someone off, see off someoneBritish Repel an invader or intruder.

    ‘the dogs saw them off in no time’
    • ‘They knew we were watching them, waiting for the raid; we knew we were there, and it was just a matter of not backing down, and seeing them off.’
    • ‘She was frustrated because a large ginger cat was parading itself on the patio in the full knowledge that she could not get out to see him off.’
    1. 2.1see someone or something off, see off someone or somethingDeal with the threat posed by someone or something.
      ‘they saw off Cambridge in the FA Cup’
      • ‘Although this must rank as one of the most feeble Welsh sides ever to cross the Severn, Scotland had enough to see them off in the end.’
      • ‘Footballers aren't known as tennis players, and I was pretty certain I'd be good enough to see them off.’
      • ‘It proved enough to eventually see Scotland off without undue complications.’
      • ‘The number eight seed was also stunned as she was seen off in straight sets.’
      • ‘Ideally we need to see them off early and get the win that would rubber-stamp our position in the League once and for all.’