Meaning of see one's way to in English:

see one's way to


(also see one's way clear to)
  • Find that it is possible or convenient to do something (often used in polite requests)

    ‘could you see your way to lending me a hand?’
    • ‘we hope you'll see your way clear to making a donation’
    • ‘It was very useful when I had to call the council recently and ask that, seeing as I was paying them council tax to collect my rubbish and all, could they see their way clear to actually doing so?’
    • ‘I'm sure it is possible for the Minister to see her way clear to bring this hundred or so people into Australia and give them a chance in Australia of building a new life.’
    • ‘I would, however, be grateful if in view of everything I have written you would now see your way clear to modifying your present logo.’
    • ‘And if you can see your way clear to granting us all a double portion of your spirit, we could sure use it!’
    • ‘It is interesting that you say you could see your way clear to helping this couple, were they in a jam, but you no longer wish to socialize.’
    • ‘I do hope you'll see your way clear to paying us another visit at Chez Marcel.’
    • ‘We trust that non-aligned veterans will see their way clear to show support and strength and march this year with us.’
    • ‘‘Perhaps we could see our way clear to make you a loan of, say, $500,000,’ he said carefully.’
    • ‘I should state from the outset that I do not support the bill, and cannot see my way clear to do so, even with the proposed amendments.’
    • ‘I wish the industry well, but unfortunately I really cannot see my way clear to supporting the bill on this occasion.’