Meaning of see someone right in English:

see someone right


informal British
  • Make sure that a person is appropriately rewarded or looked after.

    • ‘tell the landlord I sent you—he'll see you right’
    • ‘Say what you like, but that's real country humour and, knowing him, I'm sure he would see them right after having his joke.’
    • ‘Here's my selection to see you right over the holiday.’
    • ‘If you're looking for good food minus a stuffy atmosphere, Cafe 1 will see you right.’
    • ‘She will watch them, nurture them and see them right.’
    • ‘I got a couple of the Prayer Ministry team to pray with me about my foot and just had to trust that God would see me right!’
    • ‘Can I give you two hundred and see you right for the rest on Monday?’
    • ‘A course of physiotherapy and rest should see him right, but he is ruled out of the remaining league matches.’
    • ‘But Peter has amazing powers of recovery and another month could see him right.’
    • ‘It seems that he did that out of compassion for her, and also because she assured him that she would see him right.’
    • ‘History has clearly established that equities provide the best long-term returns, and well managed pension funds will see you right.’