Meaning of see something a mile off in English:

see something a mile off


(also tell something a mile off)
  • Recognize something very easily.

    • ‘you can see a mile off these people are celebrity wannabes hoping this show is their big break’
    • ‘the baddies can be spotted a mile off’
    • ‘The ‘scary’ bits are so clichéd they can be seen a mile off.’
    • ‘You can spot them a mile off - crew cuts, their best going-to-court suit and a black rubbish bag full of their stuff.’
    • ‘Thing is, there are still a lot that don't know how to carry this off successfully and you're going to be able to spot them a mile off.’
    • ‘You spot them a mile off and they were packing the boat this morning to town.’
    • ‘Viewers have become so adept at decoding adverts that your average post-modern couch potato can spot a marketing strategy a mile off.’
    • ‘‘We really were sure that we'd spot the secret shopper a mile off but we really, honestly didn't ’, she says.’
    • ‘Book lovers can spot a heavyweight writer a mile off.’
    • ‘If you put grass cuttings in your bin they spot it a mile off.’
    • ‘I don't quite know what it is, but I can still spot it a mile off.’
    • ‘It is occasionally a little corny dramatically and the plot twists can be seen a mile off but technically the film works.’