Meaning of see the light in English:

see the light

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  • 1Understand or realize something after prolonged thought or doubt.

    ‘he suddenly saw the light and realized he was going nowhere with United’
    • ‘Prominent organizations have began to see the light more, and realize what kind of production prospects can give them.’
    • ‘I wish I could say that the experience helped me see the light and realize that I had misjudged the film.’
    • ‘Would it suddenly see the light and stop its bullying?’
    • ‘In Joe's case, something shocking and life threatening has to happen before he suddenly sees the light.’
    • ‘For Montgomerie, it was suddenly seeing the light after being trapped in what seemed like an never ending tunnel on Thursday.’
    • ‘Why, only when their side has been beaten, do they suddenly see the light?’
    • ‘Every new recipe was different from the previous one, my head was starting to spin, when suddenly I saw the light.’
    • ‘You have made us see the light and we recognise that we're a bunch of bully boys who think we can get away with anything.’
    • ‘No doubt, this growing political isolation helped them see the light…’
    understand, realize
    understand, comprehend, realize, find out, see daylight, work out what's going on, get the point
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    1. 1.1Undergo religious conversion.
      ‘Paul is in the same world after seeing the light on the road to Damascus as he was before, but everything looks different.’
      • ‘Saul's traveling companions didn't see the light because the call was not for them.’
      • ‘It took a roots-up, religious-type conversion - I'd walked in darkness, then I saw the light.’
      • ‘We were sure that Roman Catholics would one day see the light and embrace the Protestant reforms.’
      • ‘I once heard a Christian missionary claim that only ignorance of true trinitarian theology would prevent non-Christians from seeing the light and becoming baptized.’