Meaning of see you in English:

see you


(also see you later)
  • Said when parting from someone.

    • ‘When it comes to it, it will be cheerio, see you later and off we go.’
    • ‘David went out and said, ‘I will see you later, mam’, and he never came back.’
    • ‘‘I'll see you later, Mr Cowan,’ he said meaningfully to Ralph.’
    • ‘John's reply on the phone sounded normal: ‘Fine, see you later.’’
    • ‘The cynical attitude now is, ‘you've done your bit now off you go, see you later, stick them in a home.’’
    • ‘‘Well, I guess I'll see you later then,’ he said as way of goodbye and stepped back.’
    • ‘I'll see you later, I'm off back to the station.’
    • ‘‘I'll see you later,’ he said as he stormed towards the door, ‘when you're in a better humour.’’
    • ‘‘Oh, right,’ Nora nodded, ‘Well, I'll see you later then, I suppose.’’
    • ‘I've got another class, so I'll see you later.’