Meaning of seed head in English:

seed head


  • A flower head in seed.

    ‘The animation shows that, no matter how big the seed head gets, the seeds are always equally spaced.’
    • ‘When the seeds are fully ripe, usually after a few good rains, and when all the petals have dropped away, you can cut off the seed head, and dry it further on a plate or in a paper bag.’
    • ‘Before cutting the seed head off, check to see that no ripe seeds are present.’
    • ‘Apparently, the seed head has earned itself the nick-name touch-me-not because, when the seeds are ripe, they are thrown with considerable force out of their capsules on being slightly touched.’
    • ‘Both foliage and flower are suitable for indoor arrangements, as is the dried seed head but if you cut it off you will deprive your plant of the opportunity to self-seed.’
    • ‘Too much nitrogen will cause many small grains to over-extend their height, put on a heavy seed head, and go down.’
    • ‘Swamp foxtail, a coarse tussocky native grass with a seed head similar to buffel grass, is the native host of this insect pest.’
    • ‘Plantain also has a distinctive, compact seed head that turns from green to brown as the seeds mature.’
    • ‘After flowering, if there are no ornamental seed heads, the flowering stems may be cut back to a leaf joint to remove the faded flowers.’
    • ‘Gold, silver, copper, or bronze flower clusters and seed heads, when caught by light, cast an almost metallic sheen over the entire garden setting.’
    • ‘Come September, attractive ferny foliage is a backdrop to yellow, lemon-peel flowers, which mix with fascinating tousled seed heads as the flowers drop.’
    • ‘If your ivy blooms, cut off flowers and seed heads, and consider replacing the ivy with a noninvasive ground cover like Epimedium.’
    • ‘At this time of the year, early spring, dry, yellow grasses and the last remnants of the flowers shook their seed heads.’
    • ‘Once the poppies have flowered, the seed heads are harvested and converted into morphine base in local laboratories.’
    • ‘After the initial flowering, fluffy seed heads take their place in the glory, looking like soft cotton balls.’
    • ‘Finally, dead stems and seed heads left over winter on perennials can be cut off and tidied up this month.’
    • ‘To give your palms an instant face lift, remove any dead fronds, heavy seed heads and remnants of dead stalk from the trunks.’
    • ‘The grasses sway softly in the slightest breeze, and their dry leaves and seed heads form buff silhouettes in the winter.’
    • ‘Also known as Egyptian onions, tree onions, top onions and walking onions, these perennials set small bulblets on top of tall stems, instead of producing underground bulbs or making seed heads.’
    • ‘Walking on land, they pick up food with the nail of their bill or strip seed heads and foliage with the bill's edge.’