Meaning of seed money in English:

seed money



mass noun
  • Money allocated to initiate a project.

    ‘we'll give you some seed money for a few stores’
    • ‘Initially, IPRT provided seed money to fund the center's pilot-phase projects.’
    • ‘Making this point, Lugari managed to get seed money for the project from the Japanese Government.’
    • ‘‘USAID provides seed money to projects with the expectation that they will be self-sustaining,’ Pugh says.’
    • ‘To start the project, the university provided seed money during the initial phase in the form of summer salary for the three project leaders.’
    • ‘The fund will also offer seed money to ventures based on alternative technology and renewable energy.’
    • ‘This time, the fund will be devoted to doling out seed money to Internet ventures outside the U.S.’
    • ‘An individual gift became seed money as the congregation initiated a series of ‘thinking theologically’ weekends.’
    • ‘The two companies not only provided seed money, but also control a one-third stake in Green's brainchild.’
    • ‘A few years ago the foundation began providing seed money for students to launch their own social ventures.’
    • ‘He financed a city park and Little League (both bearing his name), donated graciously to the city food bank, and provided millions in seed money to launch a center for troubled youths.’
    • ‘Your support not only provides direct financial resources, it is also a sign of your commitment and serves as seed money to garner funds from a variety of other sources.’
    • ‘His year in Iraq, he hopes, will provide seed money.’
    • ‘Providing seed money for two new voucher schools in the city, Brennan then helped nurture the program until it reached the high court.’
    • ‘You need a good central fund and seed money for the £20,000 - £100,000 works across each of the galleries.’
    • ‘Why shouldn't the Australia Council have provided some seed money, especially when it all went to contributors?’
    • ‘I want to make a point here: in countries, as you grow and develop, government provides seed money to industry.’
    • ‘Some act like foundation program officers, giving seed money to promising local initiatives.’
    • ‘Can companies like HP step into that role by providing seed money and help the incubation process for new firms?’
    • ‘I had raised money again, this time as seed money for a more traditional freelancing career.’
    • ‘The first funds were used as seed money to open a Business Development Center in Whiteville, N.C, in 1991.’