Meaning of seeder in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsiːdə/


  • 1A machine for sowing seed mechanically.

    ‘When seeding into a tilled seedbed, band seeders with press wheels are an excellent choice.’
    • ‘The advent of air seeders with seed and fertilizer distribution provide another placement option.’
    • ‘Jethro Tull invented a horse-drawn hoe as well as a mechanical seeder which allowed seeds to be planted in orderly rows.’
    • ‘Attachments such as disc plows, harrows, seeders, fertilizer spreaders and manure spreaders specially designed and sized for ATVs are available from some manufacturers and many accessory dealers.’
    • ‘All planters, drills and air seeders need to be cleaned out.’
    • ‘He seeds grass and clover with a spinner seeder mounted on an ATV.’
    • ‘This is the time of year we ‘frost seed’ those crops with a small electric spinner seeder.’
    • ‘Narrow-row seeders are preferred if available.’
    • ‘Sow from August to October (the end of August is great) using an Earthway seeder or hand throw.’
    • ‘The floater or air seeder then spreads seed much faster than a drill.’
    • ‘To speed the planting pace, the family bought into a host of new technology with the seeder.’
    • ‘One is the traditional pattern of planting in which the tractor-drawn seeder is driven back and forth along the field, up and down every row.’
    • ‘We use a small electric seeder, but you can do it by hand.’
    • ‘Up-front wheels can sometimes lift the seeder too far from the earth.’
    • ‘Land Pride seeders protect falling seed by offering watertight seedbox lids, wind guards and low seed drop.’
    • ‘We are making a new seeder that will allow you to plant rows together in the greenhouse, so you can get maximum use out of it.’
    • ‘The fine straight lines radiating outward are remnants of the little furrows left by a seed drill or an air seeder.’
    • ‘The Student Organic Farm uses a four-row pinpoint seeder.’
    • ‘Herd uses tractors, combines, plows, seeders, weed cutters and fire to model images from the earth.’
    • ‘This winter I found a tine seeder for $160 and a five-gang pull-behind mower to use during grow-in for $150.’
  • 2A plant that produces seeds in a particular way or under particular conditions.

    ‘it has a reputation as a free seeder’
    • ‘Most scrub dominants recover by resprouting and clonal spread, while many herbaceous species are obligate seeders.’